Book Review: “Some Will Not Sleep” by Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill’s “Some Will Not Sleep” is book 14 of 2023.

Nevill’s is a name I’d heard of in horror circles. He penned “The Ritual”, which others have recommended to me. Alas, I have yet to read the book or see the movie. But, based on “Some Will Not Sleep”, I will give it a shot at some point.

“Some Will Not Sleep” is, as the subtitle suggests, a collection of “selected horrors” from Nevill. The stories—from various points in his career—cover many horror subgenres.

As with Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood Volume 1”, not every story is solid gold. But there are far more hits than misses in Nevill’s collection. And when the horror hits, boy, does it hit. Some tales within are absolute fire and disturbing in imagery, plot, and implication. I particularly enjoyed his unique twists on tried-and-true horror formulas.

Give “Some Will Not Sleep” a shot if you are on the fence about Nevill’s work. The man’s shorter fiction is easy to read and packs a punch.

I want to read more from Nevill, which is the best compliment I can give.

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