Joshua G. J. Insole — Horror & Sci-Fi Writer

Joshua G. J. Insole is a British writer living in the Austrian Alps. His favoured genres for storytelling are horror and science fiction. Joshua has won the Reedsy contest twice, and several of his other stories have been shortlisted. His first book, A Chance of Rain, was published in July, 2020.

Hi there! I’m Josh, and I write horror

Ask my mum, and she’ll tell you that I’ve been obsessed with horror and literature since I was a kid. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that I eventually tried my hand at actually writing the stuff. I find it comes quite naturally to me, take from that what you will…

On this site you can find my various writings and links to my published works. I like to think I’ve got something for everyone here, whether you’ve got two minutes or two hours to spare.

So, make yourself a pot of tea or a mug of coffee, sit down and stay for a spell, won’t you? You may come to find that you can’t leave…

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A Chance of Rain: Over 40 tales to terrorise, tantalise, and tickle!