‘A Chance of Rain’ is getting some lovely reviews

So, A Chance of Rain has been out for a little while now, and it’s starting to get some reviews — some of which are really lovely! As we all know, a review is worth its weight in gold — so, every one is very much appreciated!

A Chance of Rain is available for Kindle and as a paperback — second edition coming soon!

2 thoughts on “‘A Chance of Rain’ is getting some lovely reviews

  1. aebranson

    Congratulations! This gives me the perfect opportunity to let you know I’ve read your book and submitted a review. I’m the generic Kindle Customer from the US with the title about ‘promising work by new author.’ So … when can we expect a novel? 🙂

    • Joshua G. J. Insole

      Ah, so that was you! Thank you! That was such a glowing review — it really means the world to me. 😀 I’m almost done with the first draft, but I want to rework quite a bit of it… Early 2021 I hope!

      By the way, I’m finishing King’s On Writing and the next on my TBR Kindle list is Darkness upon the Land. 🙂 I read the first few pages and loved it so far.

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