Bite-Sized Halloween #2: Daddy

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Daddy was home, at long last. He entered the front door like a whirlwind, kicking off his shoes, wriggling out of his coat, dropping his briefcase right there. Charlie knew he was equally as excited for that evening.

Graham hugged his son, cheeks rough like sandpaper. “Ready for tonight, Charlie?” he asked with a grin.

“Yup!” Charlie said, dancing on the spot. In his arms he cradled his outfit.

“Got your costume sorted?”


A pause. “Is that one of the good sheets?” He chuckled. “Don’t tell mom!”


“Let’s get ready! We’re going to have a boo-tiful Halloween!”


This is part two of a larger story for Halloween. All sections are in the form of a 99-word story. Check back tomorrow for part three!

Previous parts: #1

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