‘Visit’: A story in 99 words

Gusts of wind moaned through the skeletal trees, scattering the burnt-orange leaves across the graves.

“That time of year again, Frank?”


“Same as last year?”

“Same as every year, Harry.”


The wind wailed between the headstones, shrieking like a ghoul.

Harry cleared his throat. “Well… maybe they forgot?”

“Twenty-seven years in a row?”

“I—well, maybe not…”

“Yeah, maybe not.”

The gale was picking up speed now. The town’s citizens would be battening down the hatches.

Frank was changing, too. Becoming. Tattered skin and rotten flesh were stitching themselves together again.

“This year,” he said, “they’ll remember.”


night dark halloween horror
Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com


Written in response to CarrotRanch’s September 26, 2019, prompt: unremembered.

8 thoughts on “‘Visit’: A story in 99 words

  1. Jules

    I used to dislike cemeteries. I think a daylight visit to see the artistry and history …
    Becoming… that portal that allows communication that most shun, but a few perhaps listen, and remember. Your piece leaves us curious to know what Harry, Frank and the others want to be remembered for.

    I did a piece for Carrot Ranch about grave diggers you might enjoy The New Becchino
    It’s actually three 99 segments.

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