‘18.01528’: A short story about a heated conversation

Hey, guys! Hope you’re all doing well, as autumn fast approaches! This next one was written for the Reedsy contest, Dog Days of Summer. I chose the prompt, “Write a story about another day in a heatwave.” At first, I wasn’t really sure what direction to take the story in, but then inspiration struck and I went for a Mad Max-ian vibe. The title of my story is 18.01528, and — as per — you can read it here on WordPress or over on my Reedsy profile!

The old man spoke, pale blue gaze resolute. He ignored the barrel of the assault rifle that was aimed at his forehead. β€œWe were neither prepared nor equipped to cooperate.”

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Well, until tomorrow’s Friday Afternoon Frights… πŸ˜‰

Check out my second person POV horror story: ‘Treading Water’!

So very nearly all caught up! I must admit, I’ll be a little bit sad once I don’t have a story to post every day or so. I guess I’ll just have to write even more! πŸ˜‰

This next piece was highly experimental, as it was written in the second person perspective. I’ve never played around with this POV before, so it was brand new. I had a lot of fun with it, and reckon the end product is actually pretty effective! It was written for the contest Second Person. I chose the prompt, “You looked out the window and, not for the first time, thought about how wrong the weather forecast had been.” The title of my story is Treading Water, and — as always! — you can read it here on WordPress, or over on my Reedsy profile.

β€œIt was supposed to be a sunny day,” you say to yourself, as the rain lashes against the window which has cracked into a spiderweb.

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Well, that’s all for today! Hope you liked the story! Until next time, guys…