Listen to ‘Children as Ghosts’: A Very Bite-Sized Soundtrack!

Children as Ghosts.png

As promised in my very first Bite-Sized Halloween post, here is a sneak peek at my other creative hobby: music.

As a huge fan of synth-drenched 80s horror soundtracks — particularly the works of John Carpenter (HalloweenThe Thing, etc.) — and Halloween-y music, such as Dead Man’s Bones, I wanted to capture similar vibes with my own songs.

At first I was going to throw a few pieces together, here and there, and share them with you guys… but, as is wont to happen, the project grew and took on a life of its own. What I actually ended up with was an album’s worth of material, put together over the course of October. Think of it as an accompanying piece to the (recently completed) Bite-Sized Halloween story — the songs retell the tale of Charlie, through the medium of instrumental music. There’s eleven songs in total, each touching on — and sometimes embellishing on — key moments of Charlie’s story.

You can listen to Children as Ghosts on YouTube or on my SoundCloud (both linked below). I hope you guys dig it — I had an absolute blast making it! Oh, and please bear in mind that I’m not a professional musician — I’m just a guy with a guitar, some percussion instruments, a synth and a drum machine who likes to jam some tunes when he gets the chance.



If you’re interested, I have a Facebook page for my music — I don’t update it very often, but you can hear my tunes as and when I upload them if you head over and give me a like. No pressure — this is just a bit of fun. A ‘side hobby’, if you will!