Check out my second person POV horror story: ‘Treading Water’!

So very nearly all caught up! I must admit, I’ll be a little bit sad once I don’t have a story to post every day or so. I guess I’ll just have to write even more! 😉

This next piece was highly experimental, as it was written in the second person perspective. I’ve never played around with this POV before, so it was brand new. I had a lot of fun with it, and reckon the end product is actually pretty effective! It was written for the contest Second Person. I chose the prompt, “You looked out the window and, not for the first time, thought about how wrong the weather forecast had been.” The title of my story is Treading Water, and — as always! — you can read it here on WordPress, or over on my Reedsy profile.

“It was supposed to be a sunny day,” you say to yourself, as the rain lashes against the window which has cracked into a spiderweb.

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Well, that’s all for today! Hope you liked the story! Until next time, guys…

Read ‘Spy-Hopper’: My entry for the first #BlogBattle of the new decade!


A new month, a new year, a new decade. New, new, new. What a time to be alive, eh? In these times of unpredictability, if there’s one thing we can rely on, it’s a new prompt for the monthly #BlogBattle! January’s prompt is ‘bucket’!

As always, I wrote this quite quickly! I’m trying to write a book at the moment, and it’s going rather slowly… so, it’s a nice change of pace to smash out a story in less than an hour! I must admit, I had to stop and think for a moment when I saw the new prompt word, but once that initial seed of an idea had been sown, it was nose to the grindstone! The title of my entry is Spy-Hopper, and you can read it right here!

Our little rust bucket didn’t stand a chance. Serenity was thirty feet long exactly. Whatever we lured up from the depths was longer.

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I had a blast writing this — I’m really starting to enjoy ‘implied horror’. (Not to say I’ve grown out of a good ol’ fashioned gore-fest, ’cause I haven’t!).

If you have a spare moment, please check out the other bloggers’ stories as and when they get posted — there’s always an incredibly diverse selection!

‘Dorsal’: A story in 99 words

The whole world seemed to hold its breath. A calm fell across the ocean, silencing the whispering waves and the crying gulls.

The waters around her were dark grey; murky and gloomy. She knew that the aquatic tranquillity was false – a temporary peace.

She trod the water, suspended between two ticks in time. The instant before had revealed a flash of black and white, a beady eye, a fin slicing the glassy waves. Then the depths had reclaimed it.

Her mind’s eye told her what was next: the strike from below, the eyes rolled white, a row of teeth.


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Due to my busy schedule, this was written after the closure of last week’s CarrotRanch prompt, ‘interlude’. I had an idea for the theme, so I thought I’d write it and share it nonetheless! 

Bite-Sized Horror #50: Ignorance

“Let’s flick on the lights, then,” I said to my co-pilot, as our two-man submarine reached the bottom.

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

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Wow! How did we get to fifty of these things? This Bite-Sized Horror series started out as a means of filling out the space between my short stories, but they’ve kind of taken over… I hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I am! Here’s to fifty more!

P.S. If you have any prompts or ideas for a Bite-Sized Horror post, please share your thoughts in the comments — I love the challenge!


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