Friday Afternoon Frights: Harsh

“The harsh reality of life is that the truth needs explaining,” he explained, in a lecturelike manner.

“Yes,” agreed the police interrogator, “which is why we’d like you to tell us what you did with the bodies,”

Feel free to participate, and add your own two-sentence shocker inspired in any way, shape or form by the prompt! This week’s word is harsh.

Read ‘Public Order’: My entry for the October #BlogBattle!


Well, here we go again! It’s time for the monthly #BlogBattle! The prompt for October is ‘clone’. Such a great word! So many directions to take it in…

As with the last #BlogBattle, I wrote this piece as quickly as possible — to give it a sense of urgency. I hope the sensation translates well to the story! You can read my entry here, it’s titled Public Order.

Our eyes lock, and for an instant, I can’t breathe. I avert my gaze to the floor. Keep walking, I tell myself. Just. Keep. Walking.

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I really enjoyed writing this piece, and I feel as though it’s slightly more horrific than my straightforward horror pieces — mainly because, for the most part, it’s rooted in reality, rather than fantasy.

As always, you should definitely check out the other bloggers’ stories, when they’re up!