Read my short story for the September 2019 #BlogBattle: ‘The Night Has Teeth’

Hey guys! It’s that time of the month again — the new prompt for the #BlogBattle is out! The word for this month is ‘shield’. As I found previously, my short story came together very quickly — within the space of an hour — as I bashed ferociously at my keyboard! (Poor thing.)

You can read my short horror story here, it’s called The Night Has Teeth.

“She could hear their frenzied footfalls, just metres behind. She could hear their growls and their shrieks, raging and ravenous. She could hear their gnashing teeth, sharp and merciless.” Continue Reading

I felt really exhilarated whilst writing this little piece — I hope you like it! As always, please have a read of the other stories too; they’re great!


P.S. Bite-Sized Horror is back tomorrow!