‘House of Mirrors’: My entry for this week’s Reedsy Short Story Contest

Hey, how’s it going? After a few months off, I decided to participate in Reedsy’s weekly Short Story Contest again, as I always have fun writing from a prompt (and to a short deadline!).

This week’s theme was Stranger Things. Out of the five available prompts, I chose #2: “write a story based on the theme of good vs. evil.”

Naturally, I wrote a little horror story, titled House of Mirrors. You can read the short story here.

“If you were to judge the scene purely by sight, you would have thought that Jerry was all alone in the house of mirrors.” Continue Reading

I hope you like it! I had an absolute blast writing it!

Check out my short horror story for the July 2019 #BlogBattle: ‘A New Breed’

I have just discovered the incredibly fun #BlogBattle: a monthly story prompt for writers. July’s prompt is the word ‘stable’. I thought I’d give it a go, and see what I could come up with!

You can find my short story here. The title is A New Breed.

“When Steve Nurburn finally found the place, he whispered silent thanks to a deity he didn’t really believe in.” Continue Reading

Have a read and let me know if you liked it! Also, check out the other entries!

Short Stories Added!

Well, hello there! How are you today? If you’re interested, I have just added a handful of short stories to the site; why not take a gander? Some of them are quite old, but together they tell the tale of my progression as a writer.

I am currently in the process of rewriting some older works that need a bit of polishing. Hopefully, these’ll be up under the Short Stories section in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

I’ll also be adding newer pieces in the future, once I’ve finished uploading the older short stories. At least, those that I deem upload-worthy.

Thanks for popping by! Have a nice day!


Hi there! Welcome to my site! As of yet, it’s pretty empty, but I’ll be updating it with news, short stories, and info on my upcoming novels. I’ll also be adding any relevant musings and ramblings, should the desire grab me.

Thanks for stopping by! Please check back soon for new posts!