This month’s #BlogBattle entry is a return to Boddi Craig: ‘Two-Thirds of a Watch’!


Well, it’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it? How are you all? I sincerely hope you’re all safe and well! It’s been rather chaotic recently, what with global pandemics and failing laptops, so I won’t self-flagellate myself too badly. We gotta take it easy on ourselves, especially during times like these, right?

Anyway, on to the reason for this post: the new #BlogBattle prompt is out! This month the word is ‘brooch’. I knew that I wanted to return to the twisted little island I had begun to explore in last month’s #BlogBattle. Who knows, maybe I’ll be making this a series? The title for this story is Two-Thirds of a Watch, and you can read it here!

It wasn’t her face that his eyes kept coming back to, and it certainly wasn’t his face. The boy could hardly bring himself to raise his gaze to meet his father’s. His real father, that was, not the Father. The child — for he had only very recently taken a few unsteady footsteps along the path towards manhood — knew that if he didn’t look Papa in the eyes, he may never do so again.


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I hope it’s not too dark, but — hey — I don’t make this stuff up, I simply report on the facts as they’re given to me!

Until we meet again, in Boddi Craig…

‘Listening to Ghosts’: My occult Reedsy story!


I know, I know, I’ve been lazy with keeping this blog up to date. I do apologise! Unfortunately, my life has gotten incredibly busy over the last few weeks, for reasons I won’t bore you with here. All that matters is I’m back now, and I’ve got a few stories to share! I’ll be uploading ’em in the next few days, so keep an eye out, ’cause I reckon there’s a few good’uns!

Anyway, this story was written for the contest ‘Musical Genius’ (the theme was to honour the legendary Mozart!). I chose the prompt, “Write a story about a character obsessed with one of the long-dead “greats” in their profession.” The title of my story is Listening to Ghosts, and you can find it here on WordPress or over on my Reedsy profile.

Jed Blancher, now there was a good paranormal investigator. Rumour had it, he could talk with the deceased without need for a planchette or Ouija or anything.

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I hope you like the story! I really loved the vibe of this one — stories of the occult really speak to me!