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I published a book!

Hey, guys and gals, I’m extremely pleased to let you all know that I’ve released a book! It’s called A Chance of Rain, and it’s a collection of my short stories — particularly the darker ones!

If you’ve followed my writing for a while, you might know several of these stories, but I’ve included all of the sci-fi/horror that I’ve written, regardless of the platform it was initially published on — so, there’s something new for everyone here. Additionally, I’ve added one extra short story that’s entirely brand new, just to sweeten the deal. 😉

You can find A Chance of Rain on Amazon, available as a paperback (£6.99) and for the Kindle (£1.99). If you fancy buying a copy and leaving me a review on Amazon and Goodreads, it would mean the world to me.

If you are worried that this means there will be no “proper” novel coming from me, rest assured, I’m still working hard on that WIP. 🙂

#BlogBattle Stories: Revolution


February 2021 Blog Battle Entries

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“You Are My Sunshine” by Joshua G. J. Insole

Brexit Warrior” by Gary Jefferies

When is A Revolution Just A Circle?” by Doug Jacquier

Come Sail Away” by Cathleen Townsend

Pillar of Fire” by A.E. Branson

Revolution” by Jaye and Anita Dawes

Runestone Cowboy ” by Mark Huntley James

A Revolution Movement and a Shooting” by Just Muddling Through Life

“Caught” by Rachael Ritchey

“A Girl from the Apple Orchard (2/12)” by Sam Kirk

FLASH FICTION(Below 250 Words)

A Deadly Substitution” by Sarah Brenton


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