Reworded Voice

You’re only alive once.

That’s my dad in my head again.

You should go outside more.

His words echo around my mind as I keep watch out of the upstairs window.

Some fresh air would do you good.

I sigh as my eyes stroll back and forth across the street, darting from face to face.

It’s not good to be cooped up inside all day, go play with the neighbours, go chat with your friends.

I recognise each person down on the street; the little old ladies, the balding, middle-aged men with paunches sticking out over their waistbands, the women, the teenagers in their up-to-date outfits and freshly trimmed hair, the children.

The sunshine’ll make you feel better.

I squint up at the clouds, but there’s no sun shining through. Nothing but nebulous, churning grey.

It must get stuffy being locked away in your room.

My gaze twitches to the latch of the shut window — it’s locked, it’s always locked, but how I long to open it once more, to feel the cool kiss of a gentle wind, to smell the bouquet of the world’s perfumes.

Everyone’s out there, living their lives; go join them.

The knot in my chest squirms like a ball of snakes, like a black scribble, perennially writhing within the hollow confines of my heart. From behind the safety of the glass, I look from friend to neighbour to family; all out in the street, swaying slightly like reeds in an autumn breeze, eyes vacant, mouths agape and mindlessly chewing nothing with an almost bovine absence, their sallow skin pulled taut across their decaying frames like the membrane of a funeral drum.

What are you waiting for?

Dead. All of them dead.

Go join them.

And yet, not entirely so.

“You’re only alive once,” I confirm to the empty room. “You’re only alive once.”



Many thanks to PJ for tagging me in this little challenge! I took things which have been said to me, in various forms, whilst growing up and twisted them into a work of fiction! (I hope that’s allowed.) Rest assured, my family and friends are all well and are not (as of this moment in time) zombies.

You can check out PJ’s initial post and awesome poem here!

I’m not sure who to tag in this, but instead, I open an invitation to everyone who sees this to take part in this little challenge — the rules are simple, just use something that’s been said to you and use it to make something. Other than that, go wild with your creativity, and have fun!

‘Honesty in G# Minor’ was shortlisted for the Reedsy contest!


Well, I’ve been shortlisted for the Reedsy competition again! This is the third time I’ve been shortlisted, now. I’ve won it twice, and would love to win it a third time, but being shortlisted three times isn’t anything to sniff at, either!

Honesty in G# Minor was a bit outside my comfort zone as a writer, so it was really nice to know that people actually enjoyed it! If you haven’t already, you can read the story on here, or over on Reedsy.

“Think of it like painting a picture.”

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If you’re interested, you can check out my other stories which were shortlisted:

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‘Honesty in G# Minor’: My short romance story for this week’s Reedsy contest!

Well, hi there! I know it’s been a while — I used to post every day, but with NaNoWriMo and other things going on, that just isn’t possible these days… I hope you’re all keeping well, though!

This week’s Reedsy theme was ‘Everyone’s an Expert’; I chose prompt #4 — “Write about something you consider yourself to be an expert in, but do it from the perspective of a total novice.” There aren’t many things I consider myself to be an expert in, but I think (as previously shared on here) I’m pretty good at songwriting — so that’s the direction I took the story in. I didn’t actually intend to write a romantic story… it just sorta happened. I don’t like to force my writing — if it’s horror, it’s horror, if it’s romance, it’s romance — I like to just let it flow… but I was a bit surprised at the tone. However, considering that I wrote this story after coming back from my brother’s wedding, perhaps the romantic tone wasn’t that surprising after all? The title is Honesty in G# Minor, and you can read it here, or on my Reedsy profile.

“Think of it like painting a picture.”

“I can’t paint, either.”

“No, it doesn’t matter. Just think of it like painting a picture.”

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I hope you like the story — I know it’s a bit unusual, compared to my usual fare. I think exploring new genres and territories is always a good idea, if only to give you new ideas. I wrote the piece in a very short space of time, even by my standards — I got back home from the wedding yesterday. Perhaps I could have refined the idea a little bit, but I still quite like it — I think the story has got a lot of heart.

Until next time, take care! I hope you have a great weekend!

‘Play It Again, Daddy-O’: My short story for the November BlogBattle!


Well, here we are again! Another month, another #BlogBattle prompt. The word for November is ‘harp’. At first I was a bit baffled as to where to take the prompt, but after the first idea floated to the top of my mind the rest slotted into place rather smoothly!

“Take it away, man,” said the first.

“Play it, daddy-o,” said the second.

“Gotcha,” replied the third.

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I tried to avoid writing a chase scene again, as I’d done a few of those already for the #BlogBattle… I quite like the direction the story took. Perhaps we’ll visit this world again, at some point in the future? I feel that there’s potential here.

As always, check out the other bloggers’ stories when they get posted! They’re always great!


Listen to ‘Children as Ghosts’: A Very Bite-Sized Soundtrack!

Children as Ghosts.png

As promised in my very first Bite-Sized Halloween post, here is a sneak peek at my other creative hobby: music.

As a huge fan of synth-drenched 80s horror soundtracks — particularly the works of John Carpenter (HalloweenThe Thing, etc.) — and Halloween-y music, such as Dead Man’s Bones, I wanted to capture similar vibes with my own songs.

At first I was going to throw a few pieces together, here and there, and share them with you guys… but, as is wont to happen, the project grew and took on a life of its own. What I actually ended up with was an album’s worth of material, put together over the course of October. Think of it as an accompanying piece to the (recently completed) Bite-Sized Halloween story — the songs retell the tale of Charlie, through the medium of instrumental music. There’s eleven songs in total, each touching on — and sometimes embellishing on — key moments of Charlie’s story.

You can listen to Children as Ghosts on YouTube or on my SoundCloud (both linked below). I hope you guys dig it — I had an absolute blast making it! Oh, and please bear in mind that I’m not a professional musician — I’m just a guy with a guitar, some percussion instruments, a synth and a drum machine who likes to jam some tunes when he gets the chance.



If you’re interested, I have a Facebook page for my music — I don’t update it very often, but you can hear my tunes as and when I upload them if you head over and give me a like. No pressure — this is just a bit of fun. A ‘side hobby’, if you will!