About the Author

Hi there! I’m Josh Insole, a Brit living in Innsbruck, Austria. I split my time between writing stories, compulsively reading as much as I possibly can, composing, recording, and listening to music (if you fancy a listen, I’m on YouTube and SoundCloud), and exploring the peaceful beauty of the Tyrolean area. I also make abstract art — if you’re interested, click here!

I’ve been drawn to the art of storytelling since I was a child, and fell in love with authors such as J. K. Rowling and Stephen King at a very young age (probably too young for Mr. King’s work — but The Shining showed me that books for adults weren’t just boring and grey; they could be exhilarating and scary). Whilst in education, I won awards for poetry, and once wrote a horror story that disturbed my English Lit teacher so much, she felt the need to contact my parents… just to make sure everything was okay! My mum still jokes about this story to this day — she’s well aware of my passion for the macabre (it’s been said that I’ve inherited this from my grandfather).

As you’re probably already aware, I write mostly in the genres of horror and science fiction — but dabble here and there in other areas, when the feeling is just right. I am currently working on a full-length novel, and hope to have it in a completed state before the end of the year (fingers crossed!).

So make yourself a cup of coffee or a pot of tea. Turn off the lights. Make sure your front door is locked. (Did you remember to lock it? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. Best check.) Wrap your hands around your steaming cup and wrap your blanket around your shoulders… and spend a while in the twisted corners of my mind.

And always keep an eye on the shifting shadows — sometimes, terrible things lurk in the darkness.

A shameless selfie of yours truly

2 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Carol Preston

    Your ‘Bridgemoss Guardians’ story led me to look you up and I have now bought both your books. I am holding you up to my 11-16 students where I teach as an author who put himself out there to be judged.
    I am reading ‘Bridgemoss Guardians’ to my students tomorrow, World Book Day 2021. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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